about increasing milk supply?

Some forums strongly suggest that the intake of this particular soup is good for increasing breast milk.  The soup is to be consumed hot, because hot soups help nursing mums in lactation. Further agreed was that this tonic is non-alcoholic, hence it won’t affect babies.

Here are two recipes which I think are rather simple and easier to follow:

Recipe 1: Papaya and Fish Soup

1. Green (unripe) or semi-ripe papaya 700g
2. Fish, can b snakehead, carp, seabream, pomfret… 300g
3. Fish bones
4. Red dates 12 pcs
5. Dang Shen 2 pcs
6. Yuzhu 5g
7. Ginger 6 slices
8. huiji waist tonic 40-80ml

* Put fish bones, ginger, dang shen, red dates, yuzhu in water and boil for half      an hour

* Add papaya and when papaya softens, add fish and simmer till fish is cooked

* Add 40-80 ml of waist tonic (i think you can get it at most supermarkets)

* Serve immediately.

Recipe 2:

1. green papaya
2. Threadfin fish bone
3. red dates (remove the seeds – 20 pcs)
4. Onions (get rid of fishy smell)
5. wolfberries (about 2-3 tablespoon)
6. Gingers (get rid of fishy smell)

*  Boil water, add all the above to boil for 3-4 hours (medium fire). Add
salt if it is tasteless.

*  The qty of water and ingridients depends how much you wanna
prepare. I 1 big pot for lunch, afternoon tea break and dinner.


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