the green playmat

If you love the color ‘green’, you will surely love ‘green playmat’. We have been using it for almost two months now and my sons love it!  We love it! It can be used on both sides, one side is all green in color (below)

This is Dwinguler Playmat, a korean product. “Dwinguler” in the Korean language means “rolling”.  It’ is created especially for children however adults equally enjoy the comfort of it. I especially love its soft texture. Sean has already started crawling, infact he is like a wiggly worm – this playmat certainly is useful as it can protect his knees and wrists from hard impact against the floor.  Handy too – we can bring it anywhere we like – just fold it – not heavy at all!

picture grabbed from

It’s unique features are eco-friendly, safety, educational and noise absorbing. endorses that this green playmat has been tested to be free from harmful heavy metal substances, any toxic substances, any endocrine disruptor and has passed the European Toy Safety standard.

The colors are vibrant – very attractive.  The pictures of the animals or the background are interesting.


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