Sean has many, many hand-me-downs clothes – used ones by his big brother.  However, I couldn’t use the 0 -3 months sizes as Sean was much smaller in size when he was born, so had to buy new ones. But after month 4, most of the hand-me-downs could already fit him.  I am thankful as these hand-me-downs save me money, at least I get to buy other essentials.  However, not all the outfits can be worn – there are some particular ones which, in my eyes,  just do not suit him.  Funny but true.  When I tried them on him, these lots somehow do not look right on him.  So, I keep these ones aside.

No doubt, I say this again, hand-me-downs are super saver! The art of handing down baby clothes is a tried and true practice. As a child, I used to have lots of them as I have three sisters before me. It was practised by my parents 95% of the time.  Reason and a fact:  a super cost savings!

Protesting seemed fruitless.  I had actually tried especially during Christmas time wishing (and wanting) I had my very own brand new dress!

Do you practise hand-me-downs too?


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