Time is…

It’s been a while.

I have really wanted to sit down and start writing about certain topics which I love and enjoy discussing with others. Unfortunately, the time, the precious time to think, sit down, write, and to really feel free to talk about anything which I enjoy the most without any disturbances somehow is not that easy for me. For some, probably these may sound like mere excuses. Not for me. All of them are valid reasons(well, probably some excuses too, good ones though:)

I need the TIME to do all those things I enjoy doing and yet the TIME doesn’t permit me to do so. My management skill is never an issue; I am excellent at it but not of late.  Why do I feel, like I’m not good at all when it comes to setting time to do certain things which, I know for sure, are very important and very rewarding, well to myself at least?

And I wondered. When I was young and single, my time management skill was so much better as opposed to now that I’m married and have children. For instance, when I was a full-time student at the university, I had no problem doing two part-time jobs. My good grades weren’t affected and my work performance was way above average (not meant to boast, just stating the truth).

Apart from that, I still got the chance to read the works of my favorite authors, watched movies by my favorite actors/actresses, cooked my favorite food, tried new recipes, listened to my favorite singers, enjoyed doing outdoor activities, did window shopping to look for latest things available or just simply relaxing with friends while having cappuccino latte and chatting about anything interesting at that time.

This topic is indeed intriguing.

to be continued


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