motherhood & i (2)

This is probably going to be the momentum of blog entries until who knows when.  Probably.  Thinking about it, it’s kind of fun – something to look forward to 🙂

So, as  I was saying

Motherhood has taught me about loving life and appreciating the things I do and what surrounds me. I marvel at how my kids have changed the way I look at things.  They strengthened my values and what I believe in. They have made me become the best I can.

Motherhood has taught me to live more in the present moment; to stop worrying so much about when the laundry could be done, when the floors could be vacuumed and mopped, or simply what housework gets done and what doesn’t! (Yes, my house is a mess!) A lot of times I tell this to myself, “I’d have extra time on Saturday or Sunday for washing, cleaning, tidying and what not…”  Come these days, the kids occupy me!

Motherhood has made me realize how self-centered we human beings can be.  Being a mother, I have to (I think I should be saying ”I want to :) set aside my own wants and needs at times (as a matter of fact, a lot of times), and focus on my kids.  That’s what happened, the focus on the kids.

Yes, I still work. But I must admit I’m ‘professionally’ derailed by motherhood.  When I first decided to send my son to a child care center, but there were times  while at work that I think about my son’s smell!  I had to use every ounce of my discipline to keep myself from running home or sneaking to the child care just to make sure that my son was OK!  It was a heart-wrenching situation.

I love motherhood.  Now that my older son is talking, I have never had so much fun talking to someone (sorry Dad!). What he says sometimes is a mystery, he has his own language of communication, and  this alone  makes things fun!

Until the next entry, happy reading!


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