motherhood & i

It’s 1am and my younger son has just dozed off after a bottle of milk.  Now, the usual thing happened – I’m wide awake unable to get back to sleep. This often prompts to read thru previous entries from a more personal blog. I love  doing this, I mean reading past entries. It’s like you have these favorite books and you read them many times because you enjoy reading them. I like to recollect and reflect upon the events.  The contents are all significant irrespective of their length; some are real short while others are sleepy-long.  Reading these past entries is like reading an all-time favorite book!

Anyway, sometime back, I recall writing one particular entry after meeting an old friend. This friend actually believed that conceiving only happens in the 20s and that the moment you reach 35, your life is over! Don’t we all have this type of friends who are just interested in knowing only a particular part of our life?  Dead interested and asked specific questions like, “Why aren’t you marreid yet?” or “you have been married for quite sometime so, why still no kids yet?” or “OMG you gained soo much weight” ( while checking you out up & down!) If a friend of the same wavelength asked ”how’s motherhood?”, I would probably drag that friend to Coffee Bean or something to have a long chat over a cup of Café Latte.

The focus of this post is actually on motherhood!  Answering this particular question, “How’s motherhood?” is not as easy to answer as some might think. There’s no short answer to it! There are days of frustration and of feeling helplessness, but I would not trade those moments in for anything in the world! One of the things I still struggle with is scheduling. Even if I made a schedule, many a times, it still doesn’t seem to work. It’s a real challenge planning on being somewhere on time. Don’t even ask me how many times have I been late for work!

I plan my own outings as in going to the hair salon, facial treatment appointments, and so forth around nap time, so spontaneity is almost out of the question. When I shop these days, I always tend to shop for three, sometimes four!  There were times upon returning home only did I realized that my shopping bags were full of my kids’ stuff, none of mine!  The wonderful part is knowing it still puts a smile on my face; that I still find it amusing!.  I would say to my older son “You know what happened to Mommy today? bla bla bla….”  In return, he awards me with his cute chuckle and repeats the words he picks out of my blabberings!!

Err..interrupted, Baby crying! Will be back to continue… 


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