interesting conversations

Late last night, I did what I normally do best during that period of time. Re-read “old journals”.  Can’t help but share here one particular entry that really amused me; put a smile on my face, defintiely. This entry was posted back in 2008 – my older son was just 3 years old then.

This was the entry 

Chicken In Black!  One of  my all-time favorite things to do is driving through kampungs or countrysides, so my son of course gets to tag along whenever I am in the mood to drive out.  In one of the trips,  he saw lots of chickens, black in color. There were probably 6-7 of them, yup all black in color!

He said, “Mommy! Look! Chickens!  All black chickens!  All are naughty chickens!”

I asked why he said the chickens were naughty, to which he replied, “Because they did not take shower and they didn’t wash up properly.  See… they are all back! “Lor soo miao!”

He looked so convinced that the group of chickens ‘did not take shower’ so I explained that some chickens are black, some are brownish in color etc. LOL

Climbing Mt Kinabalu    Driving to work and sending him to his playschool, we could see Mt Kinabalu almost everyday. Two days ago, I was telling him how both tiring and interesting it is to reach the top.  I wasn’t exactly sure what he was thinking but judging from his facial expressions, I could see he certainly had a lot of questions and wonders clouding his mind!

Yesterday after lunch, he shared something really cute about climbing Mt Kinabalu.

First, he took the ladder off of his  toy “cherry Picker”, then turned to me and said, “Mommy. We can use this ladder to go on top of Mt Kinabalu!. Use this ladder, Ok?”

Then, I asked him, “What happens when we reach the top of the ladder and we still haven’t reach the top of the mountain?”.

He rushed to his playroom, came back with his toy helicopter.  He said hastily, “Then, we go inside the helicopter and fly up! I drive the helicopter, and then daddy, you and mama(MIL) no need to drive. And then, we fly round and round and round…”

Believe me, he went on and on and on 🙂 Simple conversations like these always make my day – certainly make me laugh and stress-free:)c

Missing those moments.

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