do you see what i see

“Mom! Look!, Ian screamed.  When I looked at what he was pointing, I saw grass, lots of leaves and shadows.
Then, he shouted again, “There’s a heart on the ground, Mom!”.
Still unable to find or see ‘the heart on the ground’, I asked inquisitively, “Where?”
He ran forward and pointed at the specific spot. “Look at this… !”, he said, now almost running circling the “heart”.

I just had to grab a picture of the “heart on the ground”. I wouldn’t have noticed “the heart on the ground”  if he didn’t specifically pointed it out to me. Do you see it too?

For a moment there, what transpired actually got me thinking about life and people in general.

…. that we don’t always see the way others see
…. that we don’t always see what children see
…. that we don’t always see “things”, ”‘problems”, “beauty”, “situations” around us
…. that we don’t always realize what we have until we have lost it .
…. that we, sometimes, think we see when we actually don’t 

We may pass someone by everyday and not notice them, but once they are gone, only then we realize.

Note:  this post was first published in 2008


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