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r e c a l l i n g    c a n    b e    q u i t e    t r i c k y :)

I have not been writing as much as I used to.  I have been lazy. Period.  Still, I hope to pick up as I do like scribbling down my thoughts! As a child, I wondered why my Dad wrote in a journal daily, often just a few sentences about the weather,  visits, etc. I understand now. We write to remember.

Those few sentences I wrote years ago help me to remember things for instance when Ian learned to ride his bicycle for the first time or  how he first communicated with friends and the like. If not journalized (now it’s blogged!), I wouldn’t have remembered what exactly transpired just before Valentine’s Day  two years ago:

“As soon as we reached home, he got off the care very quickly. Seconds later, he rushed back to me,  no pants on. He pulled my hands while saying, “Mommy, come! Help me turn on the lights. I want to go to the toilet.  I want to pass urine”.  During the ride home, he whined, he rushed me, etc. Only then I realized what the whining was all about!  It was rather amusing…gave him a BIG hug! . Our little prince is not little anymore, he’s about to ditch his diapers…. “

Posted on February 23, 2010

I have composed many posts in my head over the weeks and not taken the time to blog them.

Have a wonderful week ahead!


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