you have character!

After months of absence, here I am again trying to scribble a paragraph or two, of my thoughts.

A topic that has been in my mind of late = character. A very interesting subject – the fact that each and everyone of us has our own unique character.   We all know that  characters can already be seen or distinguished from small, however, the  more notable arguments actually suggested that character is  developed  over time. I can relate to this.

Time is crucial in defining a character. A person can act out of character for instance a person with bad character can do a good thing; those with good character can do bad things. Character it seems, is formed between 12 and 20 years of age. I cringe when I think back about  what experts say about “healthy choice for a parent to stay home from job or career if possible during these times, because unsupervised youngsters can form habits and friendships that can prove very destructive over time”. I cringe because there is no certainty that we or rather I would be able to do that. I hope I would be able to. Then again, there are always other angles to view this suggestion. So, what do we get? A different sets of ideas that debate this suggestion of course. There really is no clear cut as to what  is and what not.

No denying, it is always the best idea that a parent is there with their children, from birth up to teen years.  We may even be talking about years after …I would love to be able to do just that.


Have you read this?

This has to be read, laughed at and passed on. There is not a woman alive today who won’t crack up over this!  Came across this piece while browsing on the net and forwarded to friends. This is really funny – I really laughed! In case you have missed it, here’s the story…

I was due for an appointment with the gynaecologist later in the week.  Early one morning, I received a call from the doctor’s office to tell me that I had been rescheduled for that morning at 9:30 am.

I had only just packed everyone off to work and school, and it was already around 8:45 am. The trip to his office took about 35 minutes, so I didn’t have any time to spare.

As most women do, I like to take a little extra effort over hygiene when making such visits, but this time I wasn’t going to be able to make the full effort. So, I rushed upstairs, threw off my pajamas, wet the washcloth that was sitting next to the sink, and gave myself a quick wash in that area to make sure I was at least presentable. I threw the washcloth in the clothes basket, donned some clothes, hopped in the car and raced to my appointment.

I was in the waiting room for only a few minutes when I was called in. Knowing the procedure, as I’m sure you do, I hopped up on the table, looked over at the other side of the room and pretended that I was in Paris or some other place a million miles away.

I was a little surprised when the doctor said, “My, we have made an extra effort this morning, haven’t we?” I didn’t respond. After the appointment, I heaved a sigh of relief and went home. The rest of the day was normal. Some shopping, cleaning, cooking. After school when my 6 year old daughter was playing, she called out from the bathroom, “Mommy, where’s my washcloth?”

I told her to get another one from the cupboard. She replied, “No, I need the one that was here by the sink, it had all my glitter and sparkles saved inside it.”

I am NEVER going back to that doctor, EVER!

Kung Fu Panda 2

yup! that’s him!

During the recent school term break, I had the chance to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with my eight year old son, Ryan.  We promised to spend time watching an interesting movie together and treat the day as ‘mom and son day out’.  Wow, we apparently chose the very right movie for both of us.  A genuinely good movie!  I had seen many animated movies in the past and Kung Fu Panda 2 is excellent, one of the best definitely.

In this movie, Po and the Furious Five were trying to defend the Valley of Peace.  Lord Shen, a peacock used a technology to put an end to Kung Fu and to finally conquer China.  Po and the Furious Five were also trying to destroy Lord Shen’s weapons.

DreamWorks creates wonders, totally!  Now tell me … who would not enjoy watching those beautiful landscapes used in the movie? They were carefully and artfully designed. I think the powerful emotional experience and great humor lasted longer than viewers have anticipated.  One of the factors that probably drew a wider (if not the widest) audience was the suitability of the content – parent would not think twice accompanying their kids to the theatre to watch this movie! The mixture of family values and friendship definitely did not overshadow the strong sense of fatherhood also depicted in this movie. This movie is equally  entertaining to adults and parents!

The voice casts were done by top actors and actresses which was the strong drawing factor for this animated feature kind – Jack Black as Po, Angelina Jolie as Tigress, Lucy Liu as Viper, Jackie Chan as Monkey, Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu, Gary Oldman as Lord Shen, James Hong as Mr. Ping, Michelle Yeoh as The Soothsayer, Jean-Claude Van Damme as Master Croc, just to name a few.  My personal favorite goes to James Hong as Mr. Ping.  As Po’s dad, he was  trying his very best not to be emotionally wrecked when his ‘son’ tried to discover the truth about his past and ventured out on a dangerous mission to save China. The combination of words, gestures, facial expressions, actions, fears, confusion, sadness, loves, all made his character really stood out above the rest.

The movie was able to get a strong message across :  someone with inner peace is able to love himself and others as well.  The strength and the power of inner peace must not be overlooked as it can counter setbacks and challenges in life. A beautiful message to spread to the viewers, don’t you think?

While watching the movie, I recalled one part that  touched me deeply.  I turned to my side and asked, “Are you alright, sweetheart?”  He said, “Ermmm this 3D glass makes my eyes…warm and blurry, mommy.”  I said to him, “Oh, don’t worry.  It makes mommy’s eyes warm and blurry too but we’ll be fine once we take it off.”  Like I said, Kung Fu Panda 2 is truly a good film to experience with your family and friends.  I need to remind myself to buy the DVD and keep it for my 6-month baby to watch when he’s a little older.

For those of you who have watched the movie, apart from laughing your hearts out, did you experience warm and blurry eyes like we did?

do you see what i see

“Mom! Look!, Ian screamed.  When I looked at what he was pointing, I saw grass, lots of leaves and shadows.
Then, he shouted again, “There’s a heart on the ground, Mom!”.
Still unable to find or see ‘the heart on the ground’, I asked inquisitively, “Where?”
He ran forward and pointed at the specific spot. “Look at this… !”, he said, now almost running circling the “heart”.

I just had to grab a picture of the “heart on the ground”. I wouldn’t have noticed “the heart on the ground”  if he didn’t specifically pointed it out to me. Do you see it too?

For a moment there, what transpired actually got me thinking about life and people in general.

…. that we don’t always see the way others see
…. that we don’t always see what children see
…. that we don’t always see “things”, ”‘problems”, “beauty”, “situations” around us
…. that we don’t always realize what we have until we have lost it .
…. that we, sometimes, think we see when we actually don’t 

We may pass someone by everyday and not notice them, but once they are gone, only then we realize.

Note:  this post was first published in 2008