Sean has many, many hand-me-downs clothes – used ones by his big brother.  However, I couldn’t use the 0 -3 months sizes as Sean was much smaller in size when he was born, so had to buy new ones. But after month 4, most of the hand-me-downs could already fit him.  I am thankful as these hand-me-downs save me money, at least I get to buy other essentials.  However, not all the outfits can be worn – there are some particular ones which, in my eyes,  just do not suit him.  Funny but true.  When I tried them on him, these lots somehow do not look right on him.  So, I keep these ones aside.

No doubt, I say this again, hand-me-downs are super saver! The art of handing down baby clothes is a tried and true practice. As a child, I used to have lots of them as I have three sisters before me. It was practised by my parents 95% of the time.  Reason and a fact:  a super cost savings!

Protesting seemed fruitless.  I had actually tried especially during Christmas time wishing (and wanting) I had my very own brand new dress!

Do you practise hand-me-downs too?


chicken pox!

My horrible feeling has been confirmed! Nearly 7 months old now and Sean has chicken pox! Ian had just had it.Though we tried to separate them as part of preventive measure, seem impossible to avoid the other from contracting it.

I noticed a red spot that looked like a blister on his bum when I bathed him last friday. There were a couple of other tiny red spots in other parts of his body too. This morning, the spots doubled and looked bigger, even cropping up on his head! He has lost a little bit of appetite. I have read that the older you are, the worse they are. So, in a way, I am glad that he has it now. I just hope his is not a severe case.  Ian’s was just a mild one.

Sean had his immunization jabs for HEP B and Measles a week ago. As a result, he had fever on and off for four days and had just recovered.  His appetite picked up right after and yesterday, it was down again. Poor Sean.  What’s comforting is, he has low grade (or none) temperature.

Chicken pox do itch. Itching is a sign that our body is doing its job defending itself(babycenter.com). When Sean starts scratching here and there and makes soft crys, these surely indicate the itching uncomfortable. Before finally dozing off at night, he would toss left and right for quite sometime, touch his face, ear or head.

Yes, this thing called chicken pox makes sleeping difficult!

Apart from the calamine lotion and an oral prescription, to help reduce the swelling and itching, we have also grabbed some dried leaves, stems, etc. to be brewed for herbs for his bath, just like we did on Ian. I think these baths do wonders to relieve the itching – its calming effect is obvious. Sean napped more than two hours after bath this morning!

When Ian had his chicken pox, he felt but little itchiness. Applying talcum powder to the affected areas (as a compress) equally helps.  This ”ordeal” is supposed to end after 3 to 4 days. In a week to 10 days, the  liquid-filled blisters called vesicles will have formed scabs and the itching should then slowly fade. (babycenter.com)

Just a little sharing:  Ian asked why Chicken Pox is called chicken pox. I googled and actually came across a site that explained the reason the word ‘chicken’ is used.  It is supposed to be a synonym to ‘cowardly’ or ‘weak’.  The disease has nothing to do with chicken. Ian’s next question was, “why is the chicken weak?”   “Afraid of what?”


about increasing milk supply?

Some forums strongly suggest that the intake of this particular soup is good for increasing breast milk.  The soup is to be consumed hot, because hot soups help nursing mums in lactation. Further agreed was that this tonic is non-alcoholic, hence it won’t affect babies.

Here are two recipes which I think are rather simple and easier to follow:

Recipe 1: Papaya and Fish Soup

1. Green (unripe) or semi-ripe papaya 700g
2. Fish, can b snakehead, carp, seabream, pomfret… 300g
3. Fish bones
4. Red dates 12 pcs
5. Dang Shen 2 pcs
6. Yuzhu 5g
7. Ginger 6 slices
8. huiji waist tonic 40-80ml

* Put fish bones, ginger, dang shen, red dates, yuzhu in water and boil for half      an hour

* Add papaya and when papaya softens, add fish and simmer till fish is cooked

* Add 40-80 ml of waist tonic (i think you can get it at most supermarkets)

* Serve immediately.

Recipe 2:

1. green papaya
2. Threadfin fish bone
3. red dates (remove the seeds – 20 pcs)
4. Onions (get rid of fishy smell)
5. wolfberries (about 2-3 tablespoon)
6. Gingers (get rid of fishy smell)

*  Boil water, add all the above to boil for 3-4 hours (medium fire). Add
salt if it is tasteless.

*  The qty of water and ingridients depends how much you wanna
prepare. I 1 big pot for lunch, afternoon tea break and dinner.