baby carrier

I came across Liza’s SnuggBaby blog some month ago. Liza sells or rather custom make various baby carriers and I somehow got hooked on one of the items she sells, Soft Structure Carrier or SSC. I’m still thinking about it – haven’t totally dismissed the idea that I may want to purchase this particular item in the future. Maybe.

This is something useful. Rather costly ( about RM290 – RM300+) but I think it is worth buying. The carrier can be used well into toddlerhood so she says. I have seen others used them on their 3-4 yo kid. This is good for outings (especially long journey travels) – can be used front, back and sideways. Hop over to SnuggBaby Blog to view more awesome designs!

Here are the videos to show how we basically use or strap on the SSC.