you have character!

After months of absence, here I am again trying to scribble a paragraph or two, of my thoughts.

A topic that has been in my mind of late = character. A very interesting subject – the fact that each and everyone of us has our own unique character.   We all know that  characters can already be seen or distinguished from small, however, the  more notable arguments actually suggested that character is  developed  over time. I can relate to this.

Time is crucial in defining a character. A person can act out of character for instance a person with bad character can do a good thing; those with good character can do bad things. Character it seems, is formed between 12 and 20 years of age. I cringe when I think back about  what experts say about “healthy choice for a parent to stay home from job or career if possible during these times, because unsupervised youngsters can form habits and friendships that can prove very destructive over time”. I cringe because there is no certainty that we or rather I would be able to do that. I hope I would be able to. Then again, there are always other angles to view this suggestion. So, what do we get? A different sets of ideas that debate this suggestion of course. There really is no clear cut as to what  is and what not.

No denying, it is always the best idea that a parent is there with their children, from birth up to teen years.  We may even be talking about years after …I would love to be able to do just that.