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In my previous post, I indicated that my next post would be on “Dreams”.  Frankly, it is one post that I find difficult to close! It will be posted next time 🙂  But, I found something to share which I pulled out amongst my ‘clutters’.  I have shared this before in my other blog and the content of this second time posting has been slightly added or changed. This post touches on living life simple in this used- to-be-straightforward but now complicated world.

       Hooray! Let’s go! Let’s find ’em!

Simple living – this topic is always captivating, at least to me.  I want to live a simple, less stressful yet productive life in this complicated world. I have read Jeff Davidson’s Joy of Simple Living  a number of times, yet reading this particular book does not seem to tire me.  Each read is always like a new revelation.  I also realized that I tend to read specific chapters or topics over and again; the idea was to digest them – trying to discover how I could practically implement them in my situation(s).

In reflecting my past experiences, encounters, incidences coupled with readings and others, I have gathered several useful guidelines. The challenging part is always the implementing stage 🙂  Just to share, I was and still am most comfortable trying to inculcate two of them in my daily living. So, I have learned that to live a less stressful lifestyle in this complicated world, I needed to do these: 1.“turning off” and 2.“minimizing baggage”. These are unquestionably challenging in order to attain resolutions, nonetheless helpful.

pheww! I don’t hear them anymore!

1.“Turning off” from the mainstream thinking (mainly of opinions and advertising)! – the idea of being able to separate ourselves from the mainstream thinking – from the cruel blitz of advertising in the mainstream media – that is exactly what I mean.  Blitz of advertising, I think, is such an enormous distraction! I do not have anything against advertisers – but don’t you think advertisements just complicate our lives? Advertisements are specially-created – all fine-tuned by specialists for specific reasons (and it is easy linking these intentions to the end results –  a wider audience (aka larger market share). Whether we like it or not, part of the intention is to appeal our raw human instinct!

And, here we are the unsuspecting laypeople becoming so captivated by their effort! That sometimes, what is supposed to be a “no need” now has become a “need”.  I must admit, I have been captivated (yes, unsuspecting) and one way or the other, let myself being cajoled into wanting, needing, and finally committing (to satisfy my wants which have turned into, now a “need). Our world has indeed become so commercialized – everything is being tagged with $$$(+ need), and even to a certain extent, what is supposed to be free in the first place. This world was once upon a time – simple. Period.

Probably, just probably … going back to some of the primary links to the world of information such as the public library, just surfing websites, perhaps listening to the radio – all contribute toward a better and simple living? Worth the attempt. ( err… we now have ipod, ipad, and whatever pod and pad there is!) This effort would then, maybe, leave us very, very little time for advertising-saturated sources such as commercial television, don’t you think?

This is simply aweful! Where do I begin?

2.“Minimizing baggage” indeed sounds interesting!  Davidson refers “baggage” as “clutters”. I like this word – it tells a lot.  Too much baggage prevents us from doing some of the things we have always wanted to do. It is the basic thing really but how this often traps us! True indeed, we all have clutters to clear or baggages to handle! The not so encouraging (always) news is if these clutters are left unattended, it could pile up, turning yet into another extra baggage (or baggages) to attend to! Extra baggages are extra clutters are robbers! Clutters rob our passion of pursuing dreams. These clutters delay us from doing things. Horrible, isn’t it ?

Simple analogy for a clearer picture of this whole idea of simple living – like deleting unwanted files in our hard drive to allow more disk space so that our computer can store brand new files, and that the system will work faster too.

 REDs  keep, BLUEs  dispose!  CHECKED

In an attempt to unclutter, there were times I ended up keeping half of what I initially intended to dispose. What I find difficult disposing were mostly my children’s stuff. Those stuff hold fond memories! Yes, old possessions especially our kid’s stuff are hard to get rid off, not going to debate on that. I often try to think on the brighter side of it, letting go in order to get something else? Still, when it comes to letting go of items that were once used by my kids t, I want strength.  Read also Uji”s previous posts on Time and Go back to nature about this related topic on letting go. She discussed the term opportunity cost – indeed an interesting subject to ponder over..

I wonder, do you still keep your elementary school report cards? How about that Coloring Competition attendance certificate also from the same period of time? 🙂 Some of us hold on to these items into adulthood.  I actually love old pictures though I do not have too many … err yet!

Anyway, what Davidson related in his book made me realize a great deal about lifestyle  – time, values, situations and many more. It is easy to picture the similarity between the clutters in our home and the clutters in us (or our mind). Whatever it is, we all want to be free to do things we really want to do so that we can feel whole and complete.

Recommended reading:   The Joy of Simple living by Jeff Davidsonb

kkI think Reginald in the following cartoon pictures is both cute and funny  Enjoy!

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