go back to nature

By just looking at him, one will probably not be able to guess that his life on earth has already span 8 decades.  He was born in 1930.

I have wondered numerous times about his perfect 20/20 eyesight, tip-top hearing condition, glowing skin, and that genuine, cheeky beautiful smile showing his original intact pearly white.  Believe it or not, his body weight has not fluctuated much since he was a bachelor 60 years ago!

Apart from his nicely trimmed white hair that covered his entire head, complemented by some rather cute wrinkles showing on his forehead and at the corner of his eyes, his body physique sure doesn’t show much of his age.

I never heard him complained of headache, tummy ache or the like.

“We must ONLY eat the food that are useful – ones that could benefit our overall body system. Avoid the ones that can cause sickness, illnesses or diseases,” he said.  “When you want to eat a banana, eat a banana. Do away with banana biscuits, banana cakes, or banana pudding.  It’s as simple as that.  You won’t get sick.  The longer the lists of ingredients found in the food you eat, the more harmful they become to your body”,  he continued reflectively.

“Go back to nature” – this is the phrase which doesn’t seem to tire him. I’m quite certain he enjoys saying them!  He is a true believer in God’s gift, food especially.  He often advises his family, friends and relatives to stop eating food that are harmful to the body.

He makes sure we remember two important facts:

First, that we must only eat organic food (free from pesticides, chemicals, and so forth). Second, that we must only eat raw, uncooked food (to make sure we get all the nutrients).

It is unlikely that I will ever cease remembering this famous statement of his, “The best thing in the world is either free or very cheap”.  The wise man assured, “The oxygen and the sun sure are free.  Enjoy them before such time comes when we need to pay handsomely for these great gifts from God”.

“G, you are blessed with wonderful kids”, he said to me one day. “Make sure they stay healthy.  Give them healthy food from young. Don’t let them become junkies.  When they are so used to healthy and nutritious food, they won’t substitute  them with unhealthy ones”. With facial expressions portraying hope and confidence, he added, “without doubt, they will be able to sustain this healthy lifestyle even when they are on their own in the future”.  His sayings and advice always bring music to my ear –  this is definitely one of the bests  I’ve ever received.  And it’s free!

At 81, this man surfs the internet and enjoys sharing interesting finds!

Isn’t my Dad-in-law awesome?