of thoughts and opportunities

Yesterday, I spent my long hours of lunch time doing something slightly different than the usual. I decided to do some window shopping instead of heading home to see my little one.

See… my little one can already identify who’s who in the family and somehow or rather gets pretty cranky every time I’m out of sight.

Anyway, back to yesterday’s lunch time story.  So, after an hour and a half hopping from one outlet to another, I exited the last shop with a bag – yup, a skirt and a blouse! Satisfied? Pretty much.  I barely have time to shop for my own stuff these day. Anyway, I guess I was too engrossed trying to pick the best items, that never did I realized it was raining cats and dogs outside!  After fifteen minutes of wait and not seeing any improvement on the weather, I decided to hop over to Old Town White Coffee.  

Old Town White Coffee. I like this  kopi tiam style coffee shop.  I haven’t been to this place for quite sometime now. The last was hanging out with two good friends (you and you .. you’ve been tagged!) – and that was when? Must be close to 2 years now or is it 3 ?  Love to have this kind of session again – we call this session the “Detox Session” – talking and discussing leisurely about anything – the remisnigng the random reminiscences is always the most interesting part!

Anyway, that was yesterday afternoon.

An hour ago, I read emails.  One of the emails I received today came from Mom Bloggers Club. Here’s sharing something I find rather interesting – Jennifer’s success story penetrating the www and in gaining popularity among mom bloggers!.

Jennifer James is the founder of Mom Blog magazine and is also the founder of the Mom Bloggers Club, a social network of over 14,000 mom bloggers. Jennifer blogs at JJamesOnline.com.

Read the rest of the story here.  Read also this.

Have a wonderful weekend!